Lyrics to There are Some Things
by Bill Anderson

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[edit]Song titleThere are Some Things
[edit]Artist nameBill Anderson
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(Bill Anderson - Red Hayes)
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You can't see a mem'ry of love that's untrue
Hear a tear fall or a heart break in two
You can't draw on paper the picture of pain
There are some things you just can't explain
You can't see where love disappears when it dies
Find more similar lyrics on heart sheds no tears still you know that it cries
You can't see how empty a soul is inside
There are some things words just won't describe
You can't see the future though you've known the past
Or know how long a love hurt will last
Blue mem'ries burn though you don't see the flame
There are some things you just can't explain
You can't see where love disappears...
There are some things you just can't explain
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Lyrics to There are Some Things
by Bill Anderson

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