Lyrics to Us
by Bill Anderson

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[edit]Song titleUs
[edit]Artist nameBill Anderson
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I can't ever go back to the little cafe with the
candle light That was our cafe and to go there
without you wouldn't seem right Besides I don't
want to touch that part of life that meant so much
The days the world belonged to us just us And I'd
telephone at three in the morning just to say
hello And all sleepy eyed you breathed and sighed
I love you so And sometimes we just talked for
hours dreaming dreams and building towers All the
world was filled with flowers for us And I'm gonna
miss you for a long long time ac.guitar
Find more similar lyrics on can't ever go back to the cabin there on the
mountain side Where I built a fire and held you
close while it snowed outside And remember you let
me sleep all day so we could love the night away
Oh it just find yesterday and us I've tried making
new friends walking new streets and finding new
thrills But nothing new replaces you and it never
will I'll just live my life in memory grateful you
once loved me Thankful that there used to be an us
And I'm gonna miss you for a long long time
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Lyrics to Us
by Bill Anderson

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