Lyrics to The Only one
by Billy Bragg

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[edit]Song titleThe Only one
[edit]Artist nameBilly Bragg
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Sometimes when you lose your way to me
I think you don't care at all
If you don't get here soon
I'll tear that clock down from the wall

Your family and friends don't understand
They treat me so strange
The book you said to read
Well, I have read but nothing's changed

The clocks go forward, the clocks go back
Yet here I sit as if I were the only one
And oh, you cannot hear me, oh, you cannot hear me
Can anybody hear me out there?

He's up on his high horse again
You're down in the park
Find more similar lyrics on'm left to fight my impulses alone here in the dark

Well, the chain that fell off my bike last night
Is now wrapped 'round my heart
Sometimes I think that
Fate has been against us from the start

I long to let our love run free
Yet here I am, a victim of geography
And oh, you cannot hear me, oh, you cannot hear me
Can anybody hear me out there?

She said, "Kiss me or would you rather
Live in a land where the soap won't lather?"
And oh, you know you are the only one
Yes, you are the only one, yes, you are the only one
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Lyrics to The Only one
by Billy Bragg

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