Lyrics to Easy
by Billy Gilman

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[edit]Song titleEasy
[edit]Artist nameBilly Gilman
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You say you made your decision
It's final, you're leavin'
And that's that
You say you're bustin' out of this prison
All this takin' and no givin'
And there's no turnin' back
Did you think I'd hold the door for you
I thought you knew me better than that

I won't let you turn and walk away
Won't pretend that everything's OK
I won't wish you well
The way you want me to
Sorry, baby I won't make it easy for you

I always admired your conviction
Find more similar lyrics on you stood up for yourself
When things got rough
I had a moment of indecision,
there's no forgivin'
And sorry's not enough
You always told me not to give up
So why are you givin' up on us?

...To vanish into thin air

I won't wish you well the
way you want me to
Baby can't you tell that's
just too hard to do
Sorry baby I won't make it easy for you
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Lyrics to Easy
by Billy Gilman

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