Lyrics to The Bridge
by Billy Joel

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[edit]Song titleThe Bridge
[edit]Artist nameBilly Joel
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I know you well enough to tell you've got your
reasons that's not the kind of code you're
inclined to break Some things unknown are best
left alone forever And if a vow is what it takes
haven't you paid for your mistakes After the moment
passes And the impulse disappears You can still
hold back Because you don't crack very easily it's
a time-honored resolution Because the danger is
Find more similar lyrics on near it's with you now But that ain't how it
was supposed to be And it's hard to believe after
all these years It still gives you pain and it
still brings tears And you feel like a fool 'Cause
in spite of the rules you've got a memory

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Lyrics to The Bridge
by Billy Joel

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