Lyrics to Loyalty
by Birdman & Lil' Wayne & Tyga

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[edit]Song titleLoyalty
[edit]Artist nameBirdman
[edit]FeaturingLil' Wayne & Tyga
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Tyga - Chorus:
uh, gray smoke in my house alarm
countin cash every morning before I leave home (leave home)
family I love, don't wanna leave this world alone
and before I leave home (leave home)
I pray to God I won't, loyalty is all I know
(before I leave home, leave home)
I pray to God I won't, loyalty is all I know
(before I leave home)

So fresh, bag full of money when I hit the curb
just cooked up left the kitchen full of bird, ya heard
that's the word you could get served
from the bullets to the keys is how we urge
to move on and groove and get the money straight
flip another cake 27, 28
I got the tax on the bubble
the money in the Hummer, we shine every summer
yeah so we swagged out, Gucci down, Louie down
hood down, put it down uptown
catch me rollin in my Bentley
tooled up pussy with a bitch and I'm all in it


uh, sunshine like the brightest day
momma do you remember the time, Michael J
Find more similar lyrics on I seen the video I said that's gon be me
and I ain't have to dream I made it my reality
folks laughed at me now everybody mad at me
I skipped class and I shitted on the faculty
Young Money greedy, Cash Money greedy
get it I'm gon eat it, no bite the hand that feeds me
shout Weezy, Stunna and Mack baby
top back south beach, hoes drive me crazy
watching out for fake shit, rats on some snake shit
give me rats for my statements
I'm that amazing


Lil Wayne:
uh, on my way to get it
I'ma hustla write it down take a picture bitch print it
ducking the lieutenant, staying on my pivot
the game ain't sweet, but money make you forgive it
Uh, and nothings promised but a graveyard
can't see myself dyin’ broke, Ray Charles
Yea, now rock steady in this mutherfucker
Paper come fast Tom Patey in this mutherfucker
Uh, now do a doughnut in the money
I'm on a paperchase, but the paper ain't running
Now fuck the World till its cummin, here it comes
We get the bread and the bread crumbs, Young Money

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Lyrics to Loyalty
by Birdman & Lil' Wayne & Tyga

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