Lyrics to Secret Candy
by Bitch & Animal

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[edit]Song titleSecret Candy
[edit]Artist nameBitch & Animal
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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if all you men are making money
offa callin' us bitches then i'll just do it myself
but i'll be making some switches
see eminem will be my faggot bitch for awhile
i'll bend him over hard but it'll do it wit style

chorus #1: i ain't got no 'tience this time of year
for all you frat boys dissin' on the queers
i ain't got no 'tience this time of year
for all you frat boys dissin' on the queers

that song about the closet it reminds me of being gay
hey eminem why don't you lead the
fuckin' pride parade and show the queers
you're not afraid to take it in the rear
from holly near or britney spears

not quite a girl not quite a woman
how about a butch dyke riding your bike
how about you slip on a skirt an'
i'll slip you a shirt to put on after i put it in
i wish howard zinn would run for president
Find more similar lyrics on'm so sick and tired of all this shit

chorus #2: i ain't got no 'tience this time of year
for phony presidents always pushing fear
i ain't got no 'tience this time of year
for phony presidents always pushing fear

i still could go to jail for taking off my shirt
and that tranny will still get fucked with for wearing a skirt
and i'll get protested for singing for naked women and my
pal marshall is gettin' it just for being him
and my shit--radio won't even play it cuz it's coming from a tit

we need to get together and make a spark
take over central park stop this fucking war
be nice to each other that'll even the score
make the world what we want to live in so no one's got to give in
past present future you just felt them all
now and then some and then we come
for a moment there's nothing wrong just a song

combination of chorus #1 and #2 until the end
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Lyrics to Secret Candy
by Bitch & Animal

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