Lyrics to The Shining
by Black Sabbath

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[edit]Song titleThe Shining
[edit]Artist nameBlack Sabbath
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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There's a man who sees all there is to see, what the future holds for all
As the days grow dark with his soul and final warning
Beware of the ones with invisible friends, they will steal into your mind
And all too soon the signs begin to show

Rise up, to the shining
Live long live now
Rise up, to the shining
Don't be blind by fools again
Fools again

As the pages turn and the story's told from the visions he had seen
The house on the hill with the haunted eyes that call
Noon laughed as madness came out to play it's game
If you stay too long you'll finally go insane, now

Rise up, to the shining
Live long live now
Rise up, to the shining
Don't be blind by fools again
Fools again
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Bells will take their toll on your way
There's no way we're born to shine before our time
All your life you're on your own, lonely road, lost in a time
Let the light lead your way to the golden throne, it's the only way

Rise up, to the shining
Live long live now
Rise up, to the shining
Don't be blind by fools again

Rise up, to the shining
Live long live now
Rise up, to the shining
Don't be blind by fools again

Oh rise up, to the shining
Wise up they're gonna steal your mind
Rise up, the house is gonna haunt you
No one laughed, no one cried
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Lyrics to The Shining
by Black Sabbath

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