Lyrics to Music in Your Eyes
by Blackie & the Rodeo Kings

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[edit]Song titleMusic in Your Eyes
[edit]Artist nameBlackie & the Rodeo Kings
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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When I was younger
in the days of my youth
I used to sit down and
watch the river go
and send my dreams there around the bend
hoping they'd come back again
Now long times go by
at least once a day
I sit and think about when you were holy
and eager to see what you could find
It's funny how we lost the time

You wonder why I lay awake at night
I just can't get to sleep
It's not the devils or
the feeling inside
it's the peace of mind I seek
and you stand there staring
I'm standing laughing
cause I've come all this way
and all you ever said was that's OK

Music in your eyes
I can tell by your surprise
You've been doing fine
Find more similar lyrics on don't give me no more lies
We'll understand it all in time

Music in your eyes
God I love to watch you dance
Don't be feeling shy
I know you know how
and we're not sleeping now

When I came into this town
I knew my hands were bound
They said you have to pay for your ways
or else go underground
but I said

Music in your eyes
I can tell by your surprise
You've been doing fine
so don't give me no more lies
We'll understand it all in time

Don't place me in a hole
cause that's not the way to prove it
I have to keep on changing my face
'til I can quit being confused by
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Lyrics to Music in Your Eyes
by Blackie & the Rodeo Kings

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