Lyrics to Teddybear
by Blindside

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[edit]Song titleTeddybear
[edit]Artist nameBlindside
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I'm here
You've got me
Have no fear
Savior that's me
On a stable rock I'll place you
You can rest
That I will personally will see to

You called out my name
I heard you
You're healed

What happens now?
You're healed
But still I'm disappearing somehow
In your cry I'll always be near
But in your laughter I don't disappear
I'll gladly wipe away your tears
But I'll never become your teddybear

Don't throw this away
I'm no teddybear

I'm here
You've got me
Have no fear
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No favors that's no what I came for
If you had any idea what
I've got in store

You called out my name
I heard you
You say I'm feeling fine
You say no deal
But I'll always be two steps behind
In case you change your mind
In your cry I'll always be near
But in your laughter I don't disappear
I'll gladly wipe away your tear
But I'll never become your teddybear

Think through whatever
you decide to do
Can't make you but I ask
you please don't fake
When you come before me
I know you don't like
when you don't see me
with your physical eyes
But I tell you what you think
you see can be lies
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Lyrics to Teddybear
by Blindside

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