Lyrics to This Shoulder
by Blindside

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[edit]Song titleThis Shoulder
[edit]Artist nameBlindside
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Come with me, ride upon my
shoulder why don't you
Don't you see, you can't
fall down when you're
On my shoulder
You wonder if you must climb
To get away from the slime
Seeking it's way in to your heart
But I know
Yes I know

You'll see this through
Come ride upon my
shoulders I'll carry you
Why is it that you must fight alone?
I've known you before you did
So don't you play no charade

Find more similar lyrics on my air, come ride
upon my shoulders
Don't feel scared, I won't
break when you're on
My shoulder
You wonder if you must climb
To get away from the slime
But I alone will lift you up
Because I know
Yes I know

It is time
To leave yourself behind
I can take every drop of your spit
But it's when you do you
see you don't fit
It is time
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Lyrics to This Shoulder
by Blindside

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