Lyrics to In the Flesh
by Blondie

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[edit]Song titleIn the Flesh
[edit]Artist nameBlondie
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Darlin' darlin' darlin'
I can't wait to see you
Your picture ain't enough
I can't wait to touch you in the flesh

Darlin' darlin' darlin'
I can't wait to hear you
Remembering your love
Is nothing without you in the flesh

Went walking one day
On the Lower East Side
Met you with a girlfriend
You were so divine

She said, "Hands off this one sweetie
This boy is mine"
I couldn't resist you
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Darlin' darlin' darlin'
Now you're outta town
Those girls that you run with
They bring my head down

Ooh darlin' darlin'
Watch out if I see you
'Cause if you say hello
It'll mean you wanna see me in the flesh

Ooh, warm and soft
In the flesh
Ooh, close and hot
In the flesh
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Lyrics to In the Flesh
by Blondie

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