Lyrics to Piss all over Your Hopes and Dreams
by Blood for Blood

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[edit]Song titlePiss all over Your Hopes and Dreams
[edit]Artist nameBlood for Blood
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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This is it I can't take it no more
My life has no meaning
Do you think that yours does
My silence is what I pray for but not
Until I'm sure that you get yours
Hatred makes my world go round
Because happiness is something that I never found
Explain it to me what's the new trend
This week care to stop the hatred and violence
Making a difference cause that's what's in
Mommy and daddy will be proud in the end
Sick of all these spoiled pampered shits
That get in my face with their mindless babbling
I don't care what you think
I don't care I'll piss all over your hopes and dreams
What you believe and what you're about
Means shit to me 'cause that's what I'm about
Too late to change me no chance in that
Find more similar lyrics on stick to living out your sheltered lives
I don't feel the need to live I've lost all my
Pride and will I've endured this pain in vain
I need to end this game end this game
Day by day I feel less human
Day by day my hatred grows inside
Day by day I spent them wishing
Spent them wishing that I died
I don't feel your love or admiration
I don't feel no remorse or pity for the less fortunate
I don't feel what you believe is right or wrong
I don't feel shit for me and even less for you
I don't feel
Everything you said has fallen to these deaf ears
No tactful use of words can make me see it your way
I'll piss all over your holier then thou words
Never cared for you or what you ever stood for
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Lyrics to Piss all over Your Hopes and Dreams
by Blood for Blood

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