Lyrics to Spit my Last Breath
by Blood for Blood

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[edit]Song titleSpit my Last Breath
[edit]Artist nameBlood for Blood
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I tried to love but I've grown so empty inside
I tried to love until something inside me died
I try to live with this hatred inside I hide
I close my eyes as I lose my fuckin' mind
I look back upon the days that have gone
My wasted youth all the shit that's gone wrong with me
I see the world slowly slipping away
My silent scream goes unheard every fucking day
With all my soul I never wished it to be this way
I've lost my faith but I fall to my knees and pray
I rot away in this world not meant for me
And thoughts of murder are the only salvation for me
I walk the streets this violence grows inside me
The people's faces I see I want to make them explode
I want to take back from them what they've crushed out of me
I want my soul my youth my faith my
life and the love I can't see
These scars that poisoned my soul
they just continue to bleed
I feel this rage this hatred it's killing me
The days go on with no end
This violence inside me grows
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I hear it I know you won't believe it
Voices in me that makes me paranoid
There it is do you hear it I know that I'm not crazy
But day after day I lose my sanity
My life I've always been alone
I've always been alone
There's nothing left of me
The game is over the game is over for me
I'm left without a soul
The game is over
Why why must I cry Why why must I die alone
No love left inside
My kindness has give way to an endless
barrage of emotional scars
No love left in my heart
I've been dead since my innocence faded away
Why why must it be this way
I ask myself this question each and everyday
My anger runs out of control
I just want to die
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Lyrics to Spit my Last Breath
by Blood for Blood

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