Lyrics to From the Outside
by Blood Has Been Shed

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[edit]Song titleFrom the Outside
[edit]Artist nameBlood Has Been Shed
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Who are you now?
I can't see past the mask
you wear a smile
who are you now?
your face shines like the sun
but your hate has life of its own
who are you now?
impure from the onset
you desire to destroy
who are you now?
you saw the seeds of dissent
in the name of free speech
the only love you know
is for yourself
your opinions change
with the seasons as do
your beliefs
with a smile you twist the blade
your words are bitter
they bring no relief
your ego knows no bounds
if only you knew
you can say so much
with you silence
contain your thoughts
open your mind
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weapon of discourse
let this be the lesson learned
that there is another way
let this be the lesson learned
that there is another way
I will never tolerate
your endless lies
Why do you choose to haunt me
I will never tolerate
your endless lies
your foolish words fall on deaf ears
I will never tolerate
your endless lies
you will fall face first
on the platform you adore
you use the weak
to expound your shallow views
you have nothing left to say
you are less than nothing
who are you now?
I can't see past the mask
you wear a smile
that shines like the sun
who are you now?
who are you now?
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Lyrics to From the Outside
by Blood Has Been Shed

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