Lyrics to Bastard son of god
by Bloodbath

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[edit]Song titleBastard son of god
[edit]Artist nameBloodbath
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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He is hater of the rotten earth
He is the nova that will drape the sky in woe
We drink from his poisoned water
He is lord of those who dwell bound in sickness

Spitting vomit in the face of faith
Cleansing us who must atone for being weak
We drink from his poisoned water
He is the shadow cast upon those defiled

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No salvation is free, death comes beckoning thee
Encircle thee, voices come in wind
Son of perdition, you come beckoning me

The sky embedded in the death of a nova
Effigy is seen in a second of light
No voice in the crack of his mouth
Bastard son of God
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Lyrics to Bastard son of god
by Bloodbath

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