Lyrics to Black Snake
by Bloodgood

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[edit]Song titleBlack Snake
[edit]Artist nameBloodgood
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Down, down, down below the grave
Heaven has turned away
Dust, dust, dust will be his feed
A lethal blow to end his days
Lies, lies, lies are all he speaks
Contamination of your mind
Dark, dark, darkness fills you eyes
Delusion trys to make you blind
He's like a beast who lies in hiding
A mercenary of deceit
I hear the tolling of the death bell
I see his ultimate defeat
He is the Black Snake of rebellion
Find more similar lyrics on is the slayer of the young
He is the hellborn of the angels
His destiny will be the flames
Death, death, death is all around
But you can surely break away
Blood, blood, blood has paid the price
The Prince of Peace will show the way
He who is in me is greater
Than he who is in the world
He who is in me is greater
Than he who is in the world

Music & Lyrics: Michael Bloodgood
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Lyrics to Black Snake
by Bloodgood

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