Lyrics to While the City Sleeps
by Bloodline

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[edit]Song titleWhile the City Sleeps
[edit]Artist nameBloodline
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Stealing down an alley in the cold dark night
I see a halo in the rain round street light
I stop and look and listen to the sound
As the raindrops penetrates the silence all around
Alone I gaze into the glistening street
A distant thunder echoing my heart beat
Urging me on to a secret goal
Away from this lights
From this lamp on a pole
So I turn to slip away into the rain
Drifting like a spirit through the shadows in the lane
clutching the tools of my trade in my hand
An old box of matches and a gasoline can
Darkness envelops the scene like a shroud
A veil of emptiness hang from the clouds
Filling up the cracks in the desolate place
Cradled by the night in an icy embrace

Moving through the town like a ghost in the rain
A dim reflection in a dark windowpane
blackness beckons from every side
Creeping all around all round like an incoming tide
A broken window in an empty house
I slip inside and begin to douse
The whole place with the fuel that will feed the fire
And push back the night, taking me higher
on out of the darkness in a deathly roar
Find more similar lyrics on match in my hand is the key to the door
A single turn of the wrist will suffice
to open up a passage to paradise
I pause I think about the past and the gloom
The smell of gasoline permeates the room
Every one has a little secrets he keeps
I light the fires while the city sleeps

The match makes a graceful arch to the floor
And time stands still as I turn for the door
which explodes in a fire ball and throws me to the street
I hit the ground running with the flames at my feet
Reaching for the night which recoils in the fire
the rain drops hiss like a devilish choir
Dying in the flames with a terrible sound
Calling all the names of the sleepers all-around
But then in the arms of the night they lay
their dreams sprout wings and fly away
Out of their houses in a gathering flock
Swarming over head as hurry down the block
I make my escape with the greatest of ease
And safe in the darkness, drop to my knees
at a lightless the window
my hand on the latch
I reach in my pocket
and pull out a match...
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Lyrics to While the City Sleeps
by Bloodline

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