Lyrics to The Return of Wrath
by Bloodthorn

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[edit]Song titleThe Return of Wrath
[edit]Artist nameBloodthorn
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The world burns
Brought to it's knees
By the beast of war
Cities are laid to waste
Nations collapse
Under the reign of terror
Fire storms raging the sky
The sign of mankinds
Ultimate defeat

Death and decay rise from the soil
Spawned by the blood of men
From beneath the seas they return
Fron their ancient slumber
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"Harbingers of chaos
arise from your cursed tombs"

Controlled by the ageless hatred
A wrath evoken with time
Released by defilement of flesh
Once bound by the powers of mind

Inciting acts of cruel violence
Revelin the mistery of generations
Fullfilment of the ancient curse
Abolish of the reign of humanity
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Lyrics to The Return of Wrath
by Bloodthorn

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