Lyrics to Fallen From Grace
by Blue Rodeo

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[edit]Song titleFallen From Grace
[edit]Artist nameBlue Rodeo
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Well the sun won't ever shine
Not like it used to do
And there will be moonlight in the sky
Won't mean a thing to you
Friends and relations say you've changed
They say that it's written in your face
Better get used to living like this
Now that you've fallen from grace

And you will walk across the floor
As the night becomes day
There will be trouble coming down
Sent round to test your faith
Then when the friends you used to wait for
Stop coming around to your place
You better get strong somehow
Now that you've fallen from grace

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Better get used to the pain
Don't even worry about tomorrow
You know it's only today all over again

Never mind the paper and the pen
They can't help you anymore
Forget about the music
That used to lift up your soul
And when the lover
That you lean on
Turns round and shows you a stranger's face
Better get used to living like this
Now that you've fallen from grace
Better get used to living like this
Now that you've fallen from grace
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Lyrics to Fallen From Grace
by Blue Rodeo

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