Lyrics to Underground
by Blue Rodeo

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[edit]Song titleUnderground
[edit]Artist nameBlue Rodeo
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Lead Vocal by Jim

There's a way I've been told
If we walk together
Keeps us from this cold.

On the sidewalks of these streets,
Lie the broken dreams
Scattered at our feet...
Lead me on, I don't mind
I'll come forward laughing everytime
All my friends, they've gone underground
Go underground.

There's a shadow on this land
A growing darkness
Cruel and senseless hand.

This block won't be the same
Now the music's there,
But somehow something's changed..
Lead me on, I don't mind
I'll come forward laughing everytime.
All my friends they've gone underground.
Find more similar lyrics on got burned, left too quick
Got myself locked outside the heart of it
All my friends they've gone
Underground, go
underground, go


There's a song that I've heard
Rising up above the streets
Of this crumbling world.

'Bout the sadness in every day
How it leaves and takes
A bit of your faith away...
Lead me on I don't mind
I'll come forward laughing everytime
All my friends they've gone
I got burned left too quick
Got myself locked outside the heart of it
All my friends they've gone undergound
Go undergound, go underground.
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Lyrics to Underground
by Blue Rodeo

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