Lyrics to Escaping
by Blues Traveler

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[edit]Song titleEscaping
[edit]Artist nameBlues Traveler
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Come with me and take my hand
Don't look back just let it end
Walk with me for one more mile
And think this over for awhile and decide

I've been thinking for some time of escaping
More than once it's really crossed my mind, escaping

There's a little bit further left to go
We're not too fast and we're not too slow
The deadline's ours, we're doing fine
I'm not yours and you're not mine, please decide

Come see what the madman sees in escaping
The endless possibilities of escaping, I'm escaping

When you try to look around but the walls are closing in
And you've got just enough strength to think of starting again
But you don't have the time you cannot think or hesitate
Because the bus just left and you're seven hours late

And all you can see is the sun going down
Find more similar lyrics on some far away land in some far away town
And all of a sudden you find you just don't care
And you'd give everything you have if you could be over there

And even though you don't know how
But you think you know why you could be full of shit
But you could give it a real good try, try, try, please try, try

I see the decision in your eyes
No, it's okay and I'm not surprised
See just like you, I'm not afraid
Of being scared of the choice you made, so did I

You see nobody said that your life is fair
So you turn around now you know your home's back there
I've got to find out what I can see
I love you and remember me, please don't cry, don't cry

Oh say goodbye my friend, I'm escaping
I guess all I can do is recommend escaping
Try escaping, try escaping, try escaping, try escaping
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Lyrics to Escaping
by Blues Traveler

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