Lyrics to Craven Choke Puppy
by Bob Marley

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[edit]Song titleCraven Choke Puppy
[edit]Artist nameBob Marley
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Craven a-go choke puppy;
Craven a-go choke puppy now;
Craven a-go choke puppy;

(wow - wow - wow - wow)
So you want all for yourself alone
(wow - wow - wow - wow)
And you don't think about the other man
(wow - wow - wow - wow)
Let me tell you my friend if
you gonna live this life
(wow - wow - wow - wow)
It's not good for you to build strife

Craven a-go choke puppy
/Instrumental break/
(wow - wow - wow - wow)
Want all lose all
(wow - wow - wow - wow)
Then I know the wicked must fall
(wow - wow - wow - wow)
I say wanty, wanty cyaan get it
(wow - wow - wow - wow) oh no,
And getty, getty no want it
(wow - wow - wow - wow) oh,
Find more similar lyrics on's why I say, yeah!

Craven a-go choke puppy, yeah;
Craven a-go choke puppy now;
Craven a-go choke puppy;
Ooh, can you dig it?
(wow - wow - wow - wow) Oh, yeah!
(wow - wow - wow - wow)
(wow - wow - wow - wow)
(wow - wow - wow - wow)

The craven dog will lose his bone
(wow - wow - wow - wow)
(wow - wow - wow - wow) The craven dog -
(wow - wow - wow - wow) The
craven dog will (whoo) lose
his bone
Grafting after (whoo)
something (whoo) else (whoo)
Can't take it for themselves alone
(wow - wow - wow - wow) They
don't think about the other
man (whoo)
The old time people say (wow
- wow - wow - wow),
wanty - wanty cyaan get it, yeah!
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Lyrics to Craven Choke Puppy
by Bob Marley

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