Lyrics to 5th Dimension
by B.O.B

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[edit]Song title5th Dimension
[edit]Artist nameB.O.B
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Ooohhh B.o.B,
what's up what's down,
Ladies and gentleman, we are enterin, the 5th dimension,
Right on right on, B.o.B. B.o.B give it to em

Girl I'm eons and eons beyond these be-ons, another human like me there will never be one,
The planet that I be on, I can never speak on,
The stars is what I sleep on, the moon I put my feet on
The way my aura glows you'd swear I'm made of neon, cooler than the free-on that's in your dodge neon
The say the futures now to me it hasn't begun, stay tuned to me and there will never be a re-run
So come and leap on my body, and as we come you'll prolly feel moist like the trees on the tropics
We gone, we out it, no we don't need rockets, no we hop on the mother ship and we gone, we slide it
We slippin thru the nitches, we hyperspace glidin, blasting thru the atmosphere, fighting in the lightning
I know I'm out my mind girl, but you know you like it, so hop up on my cosmic highway so we can ride it

Short are you going my way, oohhh
I wanna ride on your cosmic highway
Ohhhhh lets go, Ohhhhh lets go
Shorty I can't stay here on the earth no more
Another galaxy we must go

Fresh up out the sky I'm like a meteorite, so in the studio no I don't need to go right
I just came up in the game cuz you needed more light, so by the time you're done there won't be no more mic
Find more similar lyrics on people ask me bob what kinda language is that, cuz I be blasted to da future I may never come back
And I'm a leave with a 30 thousand light year lead, headed to a distant planet called B.o.B.
And then I'm gone, man they're not ignoring it, taking off from half court, air Jordan it
All systems is go in 10 seconds I'm orderin, hanging from the cosmos like a space ornament
Heat in my left pocket left hand, oh yea I bring the pain, similar to an asteroid that's headed toward your brain
My lane, is something that they really cannot explain, they try to hold me down but its me they can't contain

Short are you going my way, oohhh
I wanna ride on your cosmic highway
Ohhhhh lets go, Ohhhhh lets go
Shorty I can't stay here on the earth no more
Another galaxy we must go
Come and go with me, ill take you to my galaxy
I'm talking bout venus, venus, Jupiter, Jupiter, mars, mars
And I'm sayin girl lets ride all night, and I need ya cuz this ship love to take flight
Lets go, Lets go, come on baby lemme take it off, another second we gon' blast it off

Short are you going my way, oohhh
Come and ride on my cosmic highway
Ohhhhh lets go, Ohhhhh lets go
Shorty I can't stay here on the earth no more
Another galaxy we must go
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Lyrics to 5th Dimension
by B.O.B

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