Lyrics to Waltzing Matilda
by Bon Jovi & Jon Bon Jovi

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[edit]Song titleWaltzing Matilda
[edit]Artist nameBon Jovi & Jon Bon Jovi
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Original title: Tom Traubert's Blues
Written by: Tom Waits (1976)

(Sung by Tico Torres)

Wasted and wounded, it ain't what the mood did,
I've got what I prayed for now
I'll see you tomorrow, hey Frank, can I
borrow a couple of bucks from you
To go waltzing Mathilda, waltzing Mathilda,
You'll go waltzing Mathilda with me

I'm an innocent victim of a blinded alley
And I'm tired of all these soldiers here
No one speaks English, and everything's
broken, and my Stacys are
soaking wet to go waltzing Mathilda, waltzing Mathilda,
You'll go waltzing Mathilda with me

Now I lost my Saint Christopher now that I've kissed her
And the one-armed bandit knows
Find more similar lyrics on the maverick Chinaman with his cold-blooded style
And the girls stand by the strip-tease shows, go
Waltzing Mathilda, waltzing Mathilda,
You'll go waltzing Mathilda with me

Now I don't want your sympathy, the fugitive says
That the streets ain't for dreaming now
Manslaughter dragnets and the ghosts that sell memories,
want a piece of the action anyhow
Go waltzing Mathilda, waltzing Mathilda,
You'll go waltzing Mathilda with me

It's a battered old suitcase in a hotel someplace,
And a wound that will never heal
No prima donnas, the perfume is on
It's an old shirt that's stained with blood and whiskey
And goodnight to the street sweepers,
the night watchmen, the flame
Goodnight Mathilda, too
And Goodnight Mathilda, too
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Lyrics to Waltzing Matilda
by Bon Jovi & Jon Bon Jovi

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