Lyrics to August 7, 415
by Bon Jovi

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[edit]Song titleAugust 7, 415
[edit]Artist nameBon Jovi
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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It was another day
A perfect Texas afternoon
A mother and two children play
The way they always do
As they raced home from the mailbox
A mother and her son
Against a little girl of 6 years old
The independant one

The deputies went door to door
Through all the neighborhood
They said I got some news to tell you folks
I'm afraid it ain't so good
Somehow something happened
Someone got away
Someone got the answers for what happened here today
Oh no, Oh no, Oh no, no, no, no

Tell me it was just a dream - August 7 4 15
God closed His eyes and the world got mean
August 7 4 15

Now the people from the papers and the local TV news
Tried to find the reason
Find more similar lyrics on dogs sniffed around for clues
Someone shouted "Hit and Run"
The coroner cried "Foul"
Her blue dress was what she wore
The day they laid her body down
Oh no, Oh no, Oh no, no, no, no

Tell me it was just a dream - August 7 4 15
God closed His eyes and the world got mean
August 7 4 15

I know tonight that there's an angel
Up on Heaven's highest hill
And no one there can hurt you baby
No one ever will
Somewhere someone's conscience is like a burning bed
The flames are all around you
How you gonna sleep again

Oh no, Oh no, Oh no, no, no, no

Tell me it was just a dream - August 7 4 15
God closed His eyes and the world got mean
August 7 4 15
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Lyrics to August 7, 415
by Bon Jovi

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