Lyrics to Fast Cars
by Bon Jovi

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[edit]Song titleFast Cars
[edit]Artist nameBon Jovi
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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How can I defend? Let's live for now not then
We're chasing taillights, let 'em fade into the distance
Let's say the engine stalled and start again

Turn around, let's turn around
It's a dark road we been heading down
Trust me tonight, I swear I know where we are
We're gonna run all the lights
We're gonna blow right through the radar

Fast cars, we are fast cars

How can I pretend, the signs don't say dead end
So many hearts just wind up in a junkyard
Where memories are nothing but spare parts

Turn around, Just turn around
And leave the past behind us now
Come on, we ain't gonna crash
This time we ain't slowing down
We'll pull ahead of the pack
Slippin' through the cracks 'cause we are

Fast cars on a long ride
Take your foot off the brake
Let's just put it in drive
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We are fast cars on the inside
There's no turning back on the highway of life
Fast cars, we are fast cars

Sha la, sha la, flying through the stop signs
Sha la, sha la, running over bad times
Sha la, sha la, gunning down the daylight

Counting days like white lines
Holding on for our lives
We are fast cars

We are fast cars on a long ride
Take your foot off the brakes
Let's just put it in drive

We are fast cars on the inside
There's no turning back
On this highway tonight

Sha la, sha la
Sha la, sha la, we are fast cars
Sha la, sha la, we are fast cars
We are fast cars
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Lyrics to Fast Cars
by Bon Jovi

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