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Last Man Standing by Bon Jovi

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[edit]Song titleLast Man Standing
[edit]Artist nameBon Jovi
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Come see a living, breathing spectacle
Only seen right here
It's your last chance in this lifetime
The line forms at the rear
You won't believe your eyes
Your eyes will not believe your ears
Get your money out, get ready
Step right up, yeah you, come here

You ain't seen nothing like him
He's the last one of the breed
You better hold on to your honey
Honeys, don't forget to breathe
Enter at your own risk, mister
It might change the way you think
There's no dancers, there's no diamonds
No this boy he don't lip synch

Here's the last man standing
Step right up, he's the real thing
The last chance of a lifetime
Come and see, hear, feel, the real thing
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See those real live calloused fingers
Wrapped around those guitar strings
Kiss the lips where hurt has lingered
It breaks the heart to hear him sing
The songs were more than music
They were pictures from the soul
So keep your pseudo-punk,
hip-hop, pop-rock junk
And your digital downloads


Take your seats now, folks. It's show time.
Hey, Patrick hit the lights
There's something in the air
There's magic in the night
Now here's the band, they really play
I'll count the first one in
I don't know where it's going
We all know where it's been

Chorus x2
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Version 2 of Lyrics to
Last Man Standing by Bon Jovi

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