Lyrics to Call me
by Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

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[edit]Song titleCall me
[edit]Artist nameBone Thugs-n-Harmony
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Call me.. call me.. all you gotta do is call
me call me .. all you gotta do
is call me call me.. all you gotta do is call me call me

Now you can call me when you're chilling all alone
Or being naughty cause your nigga not at home
All you gotta do is holla to the phone
& I'ma be through there with some good tree to blow
Plus you're telling me your dude
ain't been servin' ya swell
so I'ma hit it real good & provoke ya to tell
If he's a player then he knows the rules very well
Nigga, you're broad chose me, she rollin' wit' me

Layzie Bone
I said Kid pick me up a sack I'm on my way
With a little sticky icky and that potent Bombay
You can jerk me, call me, hit me on the cellular
I'm slidin' though so quick I'm so into her
Baby girl you keep it jumpin'
And I love the way you do that little
thing with your tongue (Yeah!)
Forever realer than the rest of them
niggaz better believe baby girl I'm
the one
But hold on let me answer the other
line somebody calling me
DJ Ice's hittin' me
Baby you know how the ballin' be
See he got Stevie on the phone 'bout a show for 20
Communication rule the nation baby I got plenty
If you don't mind I'ma head outta town
When I honk the horn twice I need some head to go down
Take that frown off your face girl I'll be back soon
Don't have that line disconnected I'ma need that soon


Krayzie Bone
See I was in my black 'lac
Laid back like a fat mack
She pulled up in a black ac
On top of that she brought a fat sack (I'm in love)
Find more similar lyrics on my boyfriend's been cheatin' & he left me all alone
I saw your number in my phone
& I was just thinkin', hopin' me and
you can zoone, go and zoone
I said yeah I just say you can call me
I'm just playin' girl I'm really glad ya called me
We can cruise, sip some brew or go straight to the telly
Pop some lead & let's get ready,
swear you'll never forget it
It's all about you & me
Movin', creepin' just for one night
All it takes is one night
To have ya really down to ride
And I ain't even tryna turn ya on girl
but it's a wonderful thing to bone the world


Wish Bone
I'ma beat it, beat it, beat it up for ya
Beat it 'till ya go to sleep
Girl ya better call me
Tell me when you playin' wit'
Call me when ya fingers wet
Girl, girl ya better call me
I'ma do you how you like it
& I'ma hold mine 'till ya get it
So put my number in that phone
And don't ya forget it
Don't ya not dail it
Don't know what ya missin'
Not braggin' but I bet I can take ya there
I know ya love it come here & I'ma make ya forget
Just for a couple of hours, shower,
you can go right back to ya life,
just holla
When ya need me I know I got ya number girl
Scoop through grab you & I'm ready out on the ones
I'm (?) coming tonight
I got what I want & she hold it, so glad she caught it
Real thugstas gon' do what I said, grab bread
& then I'll be right there, call me

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Lyrics to Call me
by Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

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