Lyrics to Proud of my Country
by Bonfire

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[edit]Song titleProud of my Country
[edit]Artist nameBonfire
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I was raised in a smalltown -
just a little German boy
I didn't care about history - I
just cared about my toys

I never felt responsible - for what happened in a war
but they made me feeling guilty - even
though I wasn't born (that time)

I remember I was 18 - when I heard the Army call
and I learned a lot about killing
man - and drinkin' alcohol

It was like a game of cowboys -
the good against the bad
the others were the good guys - I
was German - I was bad

Ain't nothing wrong (tell me what's
wrong)- to love your home
like anyboy - in the world
Yesterday's gone - and we belong
to a new generation - singin' this
song (I'm singin' my song)

I said hey
I wanna be proud of my country
proud of it's people (proud of it's banner)
proud to be free
I said hey
I wanna be proud of my country
Find more similar lyrics on I was born here
proud of Germany

Well, I made this trip to Vegas -
with a friend of mine
some people heard we're German
- and they called us "Nazi

Do you think it's fair to blame me -
for the things I haven't done
so tell me how long - will this be going on

I wanna know - if you don't know
that you're hurting me and my country
Yesterday's gone and we belong
to a new german nation - who has found it's home

I said hey
I wanna be proud of my country
proud of it's people
proud to be free
I said hey
I wanna be proud of my country
proud I was born here
proud to live in Germany

Freedom of mind - Freedom of speech
Freedom to everyone in the world
Freedom to live - Freedom to teach
Freedom of religion - and Freedom to each
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Lyrics to Proud of my Country
by Bonfire

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