Lyrics to Open Your Arms
by Bonnie Tyler

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[edit]Song titleOpen Your Arms
[edit]Artist nameBonnie Tyler
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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We're gonna make our promises tomorrow
To forgive and forget the past
There have been some rocky roads to follow
But we made it back to love at last
Have you seen where we are coming from
Can you see the path that we can take
Let the feeling that you are falling take you away

You've got to open up your eyes
That's when you realise
Don't ask why let love take you away

We can say goodbye to pain and sorrow
Where gonna leave it in the past
Find more similar lyrics on love we have strong and it's getting stronger
A love that was really made to last

You have been to where we're coming from
Can you see the path we could take
Let the feeling that you are falling take you away

Refrain 2x

Have you been to where we are coming from
Can you see your future today?
Let the feeling that you are falling take you away

Refrain 3x
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Lyrics to Open Your Arms
by Bonnie Tyler

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