Lyrics to Rough
by Boom Shaka

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[edit]Song titleRough
[edit]Artist nameBoom Shaka
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The sun will smite this
concrete jungle today
The rain will fall in Africa
Sunrise rising in the east
From where I stand
I see Jah moon rising
right over yonder
From where I'm standing
Jah love got the groove
From where I'm standing
Jah works got the move
Despite the wickedness
Jah love got the groove
Despite the runnings

system well rough
Got to come
Well red
ready, red, red, red

Down in South Africa, war, war
War are go down there so
One set a man got the
means and the schemes
Find more similar lyrics on ways oppress the other one well
Their darkest fears soon reveal
I hear freedom fighters
wailing in Soweto
Brothers let me tell you
I feel your pain
Feel your strain


Longtime we root
Longtime we dey ya so
Longtime we fighting for what
For what we really wanted
Concrete jungle,
concrete jungle well ram
African, Blackman,
Chinaman, Indian here
Whole lotta love
Look at the rainbow
people out there
A there so we born
A there sow the roots now
With our futures hanging in despair

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Lyrics to Rough
by Boom Shaka

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