Lyrics to Organ of Hope
by Born Against

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[edit]Song titleOrgan of Hope
[edit]Artist nameBorn Against
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The upturned ruptured palms the pleading eyes that
hide the spite that want to forgive us wretched
insects if only we'd learn how to get in line
there's still room on the cross for the sheep of
the flock there's still space available to join
the angels at the trough & no one knows how much
you've suffered Christ is king (deny him) Jesus is
lord (deny him) I'm not related to the guilt flesh
that repents I turn my back on the burning heart
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gfffggft blaggga bdhg & and no one's suffered
quite like you Christ is king (deny him) Jesus is
lord (deny him) servant or slave the balance
always works out the same pray for me shepard me
because I won't die for your sins won't drink your
blood won't eat your flesh won't share your
victory over sin & death don't repent the end has
come and gone.
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Lyrics to Organ of Hope
by Born Against

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