Lyrics to Where are You?
by Bosson

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[edit]Song titleWhere are You?
[edit]Artist nameBosson
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Some meet in the strangest places
Some meet in the place that they work in
Some meet in their own backyard

Some say it was love at first sight
Some say that they never could imagine
Some say that they'd find the right one

Where are you
When I'm calling your name, oh baby
Where are you
When I'm here all alone, where are you
Where are you
When I reach out my hand, oh baby
Where are you when I need you most, oh baby
Where are you

Some meet at the supermarket
Some meet on their summer vacation
Some meet at the local bar

Some say it was meant to be them
Find more similar lyrics on say that they waited for a long time
Some say that they found the right one
Some meet because they like each other
Some meet for a little bit of lovin'
Some meet in their father's car

Some say they're getting married
Some believe in trust and understanding
They say that they found the right one


There is this one song I got stuck in my head
And it keeps on going on and
it's makin' me stronger
One song I got stuck in my head
And it makes me feel good so I
can hold on much longer


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Lyrics to Where are You?
by Bosson

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