Lyrics to Lay 'em Down and Smack 'Em, Yack 'em
by Bouncing Souls

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[edit]Song titleLay 'em Down and Smack 'Em, Yack 'em
[edit]Artist nameBouncing Souls
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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In the house walking around I found my way outside
on the icy ground and up the street to my old
school I thought of other places that might be
cool cooler to be in right then instead instead of
walking out west or maybe costa rica paris, france
Find more similar lyrics on poleynesia I bought a coffee at the old store I
used to steal gum there to kill off that boredom I
used to feel all the time restless and bored
walking on the ice to my old school i'm done with
being restless and trying to be cool
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Lyrics to Lay 'em Down and Smack 'Em, Yack 'em
by Bouncing Souls

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