Lyrics to Behold the Iron Cross
by Bound for Glory

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[edit]Song titleBehold the Iron Cross
[edit]Artist nameBound for Glory
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Sirens are wailing, systems are failing
Another line has been overrun
Bombers in the air, raining hatred and despair
So many that they cover the sun
Call the counterattack, drive the enemy back
Through their lines we must break through
With full scale fighting, our
charge becomes lightning
Breaking the red army in two
From foxhole to foxhole, over barbed wire
Dodging the enemy mines
Past fallen comrades into the face of death
I charge the enemy lines
From the deserts of Africa to the Russian steppes
I've battled through the heat and the cold
Each scar tells you a story
And that's why I behold, the iron cross
Behold, the iron cross
Behold, the iron cross
Behold, the iron cross
Armored divisions pound their positions
Call in the stuka attack
Past screaming rockets, we
break the encircled pocket
Never to look back
Stubborn resistance, full scale persistence
Orders from the high command
Make the stand to the last man
it's all for the fatherland
Find more similar lyrics on in mire under constant fire
Atrocity victims lie dead in the snow
The guerrilla hunt will be swift and blunt
Reprisals will be tenfold
I was awarded for my fierceness in battle
Even though it all seemed lost
Crossed swords and oak leaves now
Decorate my cross! behold, the iron cross
Behold, the iron cross
Behold, the iron cross
Behold, the iron cross
Panzers rolling death bell tolling
A nations loss never to be healed
Smoke and fire a funeral pyre
Charred remains litter the battle field
Agony screams shattered dreams
Another life is lost
Insanity grows
Limbs are froze in the dead of the winters frost
Hard as steel nothing I feel
Honor has healed my wounds
Machine gun bursts quench my thirst
My bayonet is perched to run you through
Exploding shells frozen hells
I've survived my every test
Skorzeny, Meier, Florian Geyer
I've fought beside the very best
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Lyrics to Behold the Iron Cross
by Bound for Glory

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