Lyrics to Coming Home
by Bound for Glory

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[edit]Song titleComing Home
[edit]Artist nameBound for Glory
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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That final day has come to dawn
I'm off to no-mans land
Into the barbed wire, into the smoke
Where ones' dreams turn to sand
I look to the day when I'm in your arms
After the pain and misery of war
When I look in your eyes and see your smile
I know what I've been fighting for

I'm off to the front, you must not cry
I'd die a thousand deaths before I'd live a lie
Your love and trust in me is all I'd ever known
Forget me not, because one day I'm coming home

Shattered dreams lay all around me
Yet my faith is strong
To see the future of you and me
Find more similar lyrics on me carrying on
You're in my thoughts day and night
When I'm asleep you're in my dreams
You're my sanity in this world of madness
That's filled with cries and screams

(Repeat Chorus)

The train keeps on rolling
To where many before me have fell
For the blood and the glory and the sacrifice
Of a generation fighting in hell
May I be brave as those before me
Staring the shadow of death in the eye
With passion and valor I'll stare in his face
For I'm not afraid to die

(Repeat Chorus)
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Lyrics to Coming Home
by Bound for Glory

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