Lyrics to Russian Winter
by Bound for Glory

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[edit]Song titleRussian Winter
[edit]Artist nameBound for Glory
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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A part of me has died before I was even born
Stung by the frost in a cold winter storm
Destined to doom in a land so cold and grim
Will I die trying to win?

Armies before them have come and they've failed
Defeated by the frost, the snow, and the hail
Bogged in the mud, paralyzed by the rain
Frozen bodies covered the plains

Of the Russian winter
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For days and nights the snow kept on falling
It was our endurance against natures calling
Feeling so cold and so tired
Will we ever find the fire?

So many dreams lay shattered in the cold
Many good men fell for the pride they behold
Mothers and fathers and children cried
Knowing that their heros all died
In the Russian winter
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Lyrics to Russian Winter
by Bound for Glory

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