Lyrics to Follow Me
by Bow Wow

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[edit]Song titleFollow Me
[edit]Artist nameBow Wow
Lil' Bow Wow
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I'm game (what?)
I'm game (ok)
I see that ya'll wanna be like the
boy wonder (true true)
Well, don't they all (me me me me)
So just sit back and relax
and let holla at ya'll
(Talk to em playboy)
This how you be me (how)

It's me capital B
Rap lil B
Different after me
What a disaster see
It's a fact that no other cat
attractive as me (nope)
Can't no other mc step in my IV's
But see I wrote a booklet for you to get (ha)
The game on top, a couple platinum plaques
Number one, it's apparent you
gotta appeal the parents
Be real, won't they see through
you like you transparent
Number two, I scan the whole world in panoramic
Find a loophole to develop my
flow then I ran with it
Now step number three
Ha, it ain't that easy (nope)
Gotta listen close if you wanna be Weezy (yup)
Dress wired, make sure yo attire stay hot
Top to bottom, got them school girls cryin
Step four, you gotta make sure
yo style remains raw
But wait, there's more

Chorus 2x:
All you young'ns tryina do it how I done it
What I been yo, what I'm becomin
But it's nothin now
All you kids tryina get it how I get it
Wanna spit it how I live it
Won't you listen then

Verse 2:
Yeah, gotta have some attitude
Can't dress sloppy (no)
Talk with some slang and you gotta act cocky
Make sure yo pants sag low
And if you rock an Air new fit it
Make sure that you stick to shows (haha)
It's a must that you rock two chains (bling)
Find more similar lyrics on dawg where I'm from
Well, money ain't a thang
Clothes oversized (yeah) tires real wide
Gotta pay my dime over just so she can ride
Gotta be real smooth
Be too cool
Gotta be that cat that guy that dude
If you wanna be Bow
Watch how I walk this (ok)
Easy, sit back, listen while I'm talkin
Make sure yo shoot game is up to par
Make sure you remain number one
on 106 & Park (yeah)
Gotta like yo girls ghetto
Gotta be a headliner
Gotta be a platinum back to back rhymer
I'm game


Verse 3:
Follow me follow me but don't
lose yo grip (ah uh)
Get yo cornrows and shelltoes
and learn how to skip
Mix that and a throwback and a flow that's sick
Now hold that pose right there
That's almost it
And if you wanna copy my jewels
Don't go and get no Looney
Tunes tryina do what I do
Like dude I got more karats
than that wascaly wabbit
And it's a fact that I'm
responsible for ya'll funny
rappers (haha)
I try to rhyme for a minute
But every time I get a sentence
its like ya'll re-spit it
Re-admit into the system right after I did it
You get it
You make a livin off the way
that I'm livin (true)
Copy my image
So I want a percentage
Listen, don't be sloppy
I'll show you how to get it
You gotta rhyme hotter, dress proper
So you got a lotta ladies and
diamonds in yo pocket now
You got it?

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Lyrics to Follow Me
by Bow Wow

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