Lyrics to We Want Weezy (Intro)
by Bow Wow

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[edit]Song titleWe Want Weezy (Intro)
[edit]Artist nameBow Wow
Lil' Bow Wow
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Yeah, yeah, can y'all hear that?
Yeah, can y'all hear that?
Yeah, well, clap ya hands then
Come on, clap ya hands

Everybody, clap ya hands
Come on, come on, put your hands together
Hey, Columbus, can y'all say, 'Weezy?'
Come on say it, 'bow Weezy'

Everybody come on 'Weezy'
Who'd y'all come to see?
'Bow Weezy' a little louder come on
'Weezy', get ya' hands in da air

'Bow Weezy', come on, come on, sing it
'Weezy' a little louder come on
'Bow Weezy', come on make some noise
Find more similar lyrics on'Weezy', uh, huh

People from everywhere gather round
Checkin' out da sound that we keep throwin' down
We keeps it crunk everyday
Young Weezy, what you gotta say?

A miracle, mono creation
Bow Wow on da set, hyped up with the bass
And a little bit of what ya love
From a brotha who's smooth like a criminal
I mean some priminal, otherwise know as a villain

Because I'm roofless, I'm da best out
And I'm killin' 'em but most I know not to deal with me
It's obvious who y'all came to see?
Bow Wow, Bow Wow
Bow Wow, Bow Wow
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Lyrics to We Want Weezy (Intro)
by Bow Wow

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