Lyrics to All I Want
by Box Office Poison

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[edit]Song titleAll I Want
[edit]Artist nameBox Office Poison
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Moving on makes it harder to move
But I gotta leave it all tonight
with all I gotta prove
Leave that car in the driveway
It never wanted to go anywhere anyway

I don't want nine-to-five five days a week
no I don't want to smile at
someone when I wanna speak
And I can't won't drink flat beer under
dim street lights no more

No, all I wan't is more

All I want is all I want
Find more similar lyrics on that be my final demand
all I want is all I want
if you want it too, come take my hand

Those dishes in my house still need to be washed
but I'd rather see them smashed on the floor
cause I don't wanna live a
middle-class life as a middle-class
machine no more
No all I want is more

All I want is all I want
let that be my final demand
all I want is all I want
if you want it too, come take my hand
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Lyrics to All I Want
by Box Office Poison

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