Lyrics to In Hope
by Boy Sets Fire

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[edit]Song titleIn Hope
[edit]Artist nameBoy Sets Fire
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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In hope this little angel will be free from all of
their poisons And in hope I grind my knees into
the floor Praying that he'll never have to feel
the pain I have felt Walking through glass
ignorant pain in my feet His little sweet hands,
innocent face so unaware of what lies in waiting
In hope, there will be forever waiting for you In
hope you'll never look back and hate these days
I've held your hands Falling away Changing each
day to his own fate until I am needed no more for
Find more similar lyrics on comfort or his joy In hope there's an answer
And in hope I cry But I am beaten still the same
by this subtle game As he breaks away I turn my
face to the sky for a way to decline These fairy
tales that will mold into nightmares This fate
laid out in my hands unatoned I descend into my
Own decision In hope I can turn this page Falling
away Changing each day to this own fate When I
feel him I go running on his own Wait for
something that more there is not.
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Lyrics to In Hope
by Boy Sets Fire

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