Lyrics to Got To Be There
by Boyz II Men

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[edit]Song titleGot To Be There
[edit]Artist nameBoyz II Men
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Got to be there, got to be there in the morning
When she says hello to the world
Got to be there, got to be there, bring her good times
And show her that she's my girl

Oh, what a feeling there'll be
The moment I know she loves me
'Cause when I look in her eyes, I realize
I need her sharing, her world beside me

So I've got to be there
Got to be there in the morning
And welcome her into my world
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When she says, "Hello world"
I need her sharing the world beside me

That's why I've got to be there
Got to be there where love begins
And that's everywhere she goes
I've got to be there so she knows
That when she's with me, she's home

Got to be there
Got to be there
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Lyrics to Got To Be There
by Boyz II Men

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