Lyrics to Tangled in the Pines
by Br5-49

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[edit]Song titleTangled in the Pines
[edit]Artist nameBr5-49
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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We used to be so happy, we used to be so true
We used to think there wasn't anything we couldn't do
But they could see right through us we didn't seem to care
We were on a highway that ain't going anywhere

They told us we were wrong, a thousand times
We rode out to the country and got tangled in the pines

We tried to take it slowly, we tried to understand
That we'd be on a one way trip if things got outta hand
We lost our direction, you could say we lost our touch
Now all of those petty things don't seem to matter much

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We rode out to the country and got tangled in the pines

Now we're lost forever along the roadway side
But I can't say, "I'm sorry that we took that foolish ride"
We couldn't get along at all, no we just disagreed
You drove me to the point where I just drove into the trees

I guess we should have seen the warning signs
When we drove out to the country and got tangled in the pines

They told us we were wrong, a thousand times
So we rode out to the country and got tangled in the pines
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Lyrics to Tangled in the Pines
by Br5-49

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