Lyrics to Some Mistakes
by Brad Paisley

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[edit]Song titleSome Mistakes
[edit]Artist nameBrad Paisley
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You may think I'm wrong for you
And you're wrong for me
To look at us on paper
I would have to agree

It could've been the moon light
Could've been the wine
But the way that we were actin'
Hell, it could've been moonshine

And oh, where do we go from here?
I don't know, but baby, one thing's clear
Some mistakes are too much fun
To only make once

There's this little straight stretch
Just south of here
It's great for mashin' down the gas
And tryin' out 5th gear

But it's also a speed trap
Twice I've gotten caught
But something 'bout it calls to me
And I can't seem to stop

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I know, I'll just keep comin' back
Some mistakes are too much fun
To only make once

Well, there are things in life that I regret
And even more that haven't happened yet
But it would be a shame if our little fling
Always stayed a one time thing

Someday if we're lucky
We'll get old enough
And finally be embarrassed
By the crazy things we've done

Be just like our parents
Responsible and bland
No risk, no excitement
Hey, let's get it while we can

'Cause some mistakes are too much fun
To only make
Love like this, is too much fun
To only make once
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Lyrics to Some Mistakes
by Brad Paisley

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