Lyrics to Niagara
by Braid

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[edit]Song titleNiagara
[edit]Artist nameBraid
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Ave niagara
queen of water
fire's daughter
the ultimate author
follow the current
erode it
I rode it
and wrote it
down on looseleaf paper
oh river
oh lay color
on bodies of matter
our bodies matter
the colors scatter
down our legs
into the sand
what a combination we make
(I kind of like you a lock)
with some determination
the heat from our hearts
will freeze out the lake

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can unlike but can't

With the flow comes rise...

Ave niagara
keep on fallin
woo woo the spectators
pre-convert those water haters
look for something greater
let me be your float device
let me do your swear work
cause kisses aren't
contracts baby
and these days
neither are words

sugar even odd smiles
are in this season
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Lyrics to Niagara
by Braid

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