Lyrics to The Answer
by Bran Van 3000

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[edit]Song titleThe Answer
[edit]Artist nameBran Van 3000
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Jesus Christ was a superstar
A pimpin' big daddy with a Lincoln Town Car
Drove it real fast with the fly-ass hos
Playing chicken with the devil
for the greatest applause

First came the question
And then came the answer
And then came the ultimate question:
Are you happy?
Then the messiah, alright
Lost and found with the resurrection
And with tools of deep precision
With the schools of thought complexion
Teaching us the brain expansion
It got heavy, we started dancing

Bran van three grand
We don't have to make it
Act like a man, boy
We don't have to make it

I said come comma comma comma some more
Kick up the club floor,
that's what ya came for
Leave your big booty round at my front porch
And leave your big ugly frown
back out the back door
Forget your big plans, your high ideals
'Cause it's a quicksand for the way you feel
When they put you down the river
and they leave you squeal
Come on, squeal like a pig how
the summer girl feels

We're leaving, leaving our
machine this very evening
They're programming your head
So stop believing
No need to complicate, it's all illusion
Anyways, I feel the machine's got boring
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Bran van three grand
We don't have to make it
Act like a man, boy
We don't have to make it

Hey Charlton Heston
Moses did alright without a handgun
If you're horny for god let Dizzy give some

I'm Dizzy D, no one the finer
The queen and king, from here to China
All the ladies love to give me
the boom boom boom boom
Back to my room where it's
hurry hurry hurry and wait
A bottle of crisp and a pasta plate
Kick up the love baby, down the hate
'Cause the bran van brothers do not complicate
Say hurry hurry hurry rush
You're moving so fast that you're out of touch
Money money money got your head in a mush
Now Bush has got the button, is he gonna push?
Well, some little joker got a dot-com deal
About Internet wiggers and keepin' it real
You're sweatin' like a fool to put
the gravy on your meal
And now you just found out you
lost your sex appeal

Bran van three grand
We don't have to make it
Act like a man, boy
We don't have to make it

The answer...
(Can you take me higher?) in the dancer.
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Lyrics to The Answer
by Bran Van 3000

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