Lyrics to Over You
by Brandi Carlile

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[edit]Song titleOver You
[edit]Artist nameBrandi Carlile
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I heard the news today I guess that's what I thought you'd say
I guess you thought I'd care but guess what I don't so you can go to hell
I wore your shirt to bed again but that was way back when
And I don't want to touch you like I did as stupid as I've been

I'm overjoyed, I'm overwhelmed
Please understand
I am over you

I used to need you in my bones I used to need you in my bed
I used to need you just to breathe but I think that was in my head
I used to call you on the phone hoping you were all alone
So you might put me in your car but just look at how i've grown
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I'm overjoyed, I'm overwhelmed
Please understand
I am over you

But if you bat your eyes and whisper pretty please
I might go there again cause you were always such a tease
But I don't need you and I don't want you here tonight
I just wanna know that I will wake up confident my head is screwed on tight

I'm overjoyed, I'm overwhelmed
Please understand
I am over you
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Lyrics to Over You
by Brandi Carlile

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