Lyrics to Cool Schmool
by Bratmobile

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[edit]Song titleCool Schmool
[edit]Artist nameBratmobile
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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We're so cool yeah, yeah
Yeah we're so cool, cool
We're so cool yeah, yeah
Fuck you too, cool schmool

I don't wanna sit around & talk about the wipers
Weren't those the good old days?
I don't wanna wonder if you're gonna say hello
I don't wanna wonder if you're gonna walk away
I don't wanna hear how many friends you have
'cause I don't have any anymore
Cool schmool

I don't want you to tell me what's so cool
I don't wanna go back to jr. highschool
I don't want anyone to tell me how thin I am
I don't want to die for your fucking candy treats
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I just wanna be one of the boys
I just wanna be your little fashion toy
Let's hang out & be cool, alright
Let's go watch the girl fight tonight
Cool schmool

I don't have to try 'cause I know where you're at
I hate dogs so I love cats
I can bake a pie & look you up & down
I could throw your heart right outta this town

See I don't know why you're always telling me
what's so cool about what I'm wearing
When you can't even tell me how you feel
& you can't even be my friend for real
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Lyrics to Cool Schmool
by Bratmobile

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