Lyrics to Escapist Polka
by Brave Combo

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[edit]Song titleEscapist Polka
[edit]Artist nameBrave Combo
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I don't think I like it here
Gonna run away
When I get to where I'm going
We'll all have fun and play
You don't know, I don't know
What it could be like
If we go, here we go
Yes my name is Mike
Stop and see you will be
on a little trike
riding off to sea to shining sea
Stop and be, you'll agree
This is the...ARRGGHHHHH!
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Escape! (Wow)
Escape! (Like?)
Escape! (& Dig it)
Escape! (To the movies)
Escape! (To the car)
Forget! (What you're doin')
Forget! (Who you are)
My name is Mike,
I ride a trike.

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Lyrics to Escapist Polka
by Brave Combo

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